Liuruimin (Amy) Xiang joins the lab


We are happy to be joined by Amy Xiang as a rotating PIN graduate student! Amy is interested in electrophysiological approaches and will spend her rotation learning to patch native smooth muscle and endothelial cells from the brain.

New publication in Current Topics in Membranes


We are delighted to have the first publication from the lab enter print. In this chapter, we focus on the ion channel genes expressed by brain capillary endothelial cells and explore their potential functional implications in the regulation of brain blood flow. It can be accessed for free by the following link:

Ashwini Hariharan joins the lab


We are very excited to be joined by Ashwini Hariharan from the University of Otego in New Zealand. Ashwini's expertise covers neurovascular coupling, endothelial biology, and Alzheimer's disease.

Welcome Ashwini!

Two students join the lab


We are excited to be joined by Colin Robertson, a rotating PIN graduate student who will learn in vivo multiphoton imaging, and Joshua Choi, a JHU student who plans to focus on patch clamp electrophysiology.


Welcome Colin and Joshua! 

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